The Young Arfur Profile

15/12/84 - Arfur and Terry get to play football in class.
29/12/84 - Arfur gets extra food for the Christmas Party
01/06/85 - Arfur gets people to attend his mate's gig.
29/06/85 - Arfur helps Terry to get out of chores to go to a gig
20/07/85 - Arfur saves Terry from a battering by Thumper Thompson
27/07/85 - Arfur & Terry visit the waxworks
05/10/85 - Arfur gets a snooze in Art
28/12/85 - Arfur and Terry want to watch a pop video
04/01/86 - Headmaster McSweeney is moving into the house next door to Terry
29/03/86 - The PE Teacher if off and Headmaster has organised a replacement.
24/05/86 - Sir decides to take the class photos
06/09/86 - Arfur and his mates play in the park.
20/09/86 - Arfur's mates are avoiding him.