Artist: Pete Dredge
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 24th May 1986

The Story

As it's a nice day Arfur's teacher decides to take the class photos. At first they think they'll miss a whole lesson, but Sir says that's not the case, as the pictures will be taken at Breaktime. Suddenly, the bell goes. Sir asks for a volunteer to help fetch the photographic equipment and Arfur volunteers. No one can understand what he's doing with Terry presuming the weather's got to his head.

So it's all set up and the picture is taken. Umpteen snaps later Sir goes to take the film out of the camera, and discovers there's none in there. Arfur can be seen showing the flim to Terry. Sir races off to the chemist to get another one, and the class realise that my the time Sir gets back it'll be well into maths, and by the time he's taken the pictures it'll be lunchtime!