Artist: Pete Dredge
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 20th July 1985

The Story

Terry comes chasing around the corner, on the run from Thumper Thomspon. Arfur tells him not to worry as he has a plan

Thumper Thompson comes up, and says he'll have the both of them, but Arfur points out "who says he's on Terry's side." Arfur goes on to explain he's been after Terry for weeks and by the time he's finished with him, Terry will be seeing stars.

Satisfied that Arfur will do the beating on his behalf, Thumper leaves them to it, but Terry is a little concerned about Arfurs threat of making him see stars. But Arfur has another plan. He takes Terry to the cinema to watch Rocky 17, the boxing movie!


Thumper Thompson has a tatoo saying "hate" on his right arm.
For added effect Arfur gets Terry into a headlock
They watch the movie at the Ritz cinema - showings at 6:50 and 8:30 with Sundays apparently saying 8:30 and 8:00