Artist: Pete Dredge
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 15th December 1984

The Story

Arfur and Terry arrive in the classroom and it's freezing. The heating isn't on. So to keep warm, Arfur decides to they should play football in the classroom. A little later, Miss Pringle arrives in class. Arfur apologises, and tells her that they were keeping warm because the heating wasn't working. Miss Pringle decides somebody should go and inform the caretaker, and whilst the rest of the class aren't keen on voluntering, Arfur puts himself forward to go and tell him

But Miss Pringle isn't so sure, as when she's sent Arfur on other errands, he's never returned, so she decides to go and tell him herself. This allows Arfur and the class to finish their game of football!


Miss Pringle teaches Biology
On the two mentioned occassions where Miss Pringle sent Arfur on a message, the first Arfur disappeared for the rest of the day and the second he was found at the zoo's aquarium
Arfur's excuses were for the first "I got Lost" and the second "I was taking noted for the biology lesson."
When Miss Pringle walks in, the score is three all.