Artist: Pete Dredge
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 29th December 1984

The Story

It's the Christmas party and each of the boys has to bring their own food. McGrumble (one of the teachers) has bought loads of food, but Arfur only has a single chocolate biscuit. Arfur says it's for McGrumble, and Terry realises Arfur is going to try and use it to get some of his food.

Arfur gives McGrumble the biscuit, and at first it doesn't seem to have worked. Then McGrumble remembers that last time Arfur gave him food, he fell asleep in class and Arfur snuck out of school. So McGrumble returns the biscuit, and then gives up some of the other food he brought with him so as he wouldn't fall asleep.


Each of the picture boxes is decorated with snow.