Artist: Pete Dredge
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 29th June 1985

The Story

Arfur is off to the Marc and The Creepers Gig and asks if Terry is going, but he can't as he has to whitewash the whole of the Garden fence. Arfur offers to help, but Terry doesn't know how it is going to work out that they still get to the gig.

Soon, Terry's Dad sees that Arfur is has a paintbrush in his hand and asks why. Terry says that he offered to help out. Dad is fine with what, until he thinks it through. He presumes Arfur is going to scrawl his name all over town using his paint and paintbrush and he'll get the blame. So, he decides to do it himself to get the job done properly and Terry and Arfur get to go to see Marc and the Creepers.


Marc and the Creepers are playing The Astoria - the banner outside reads "By Popular Demand." The band were mentioned earlier in June 1985 when Arfur helped get people to attend the gig. That story is here
Arfur is wearing a Marc and the Creepers T-Shirt