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15/12/84 - It's Hobbies Day at School.
29/12/84 - The class work together to get their food and presents.
01/06/85 - The children take part in a survery about likes and dislikes.
29/06/85 - The Toffs and the Scruffs argue over who is to tidy the sports cupboard
20/07/85 - Teacher takes the class on a nature trek
27/07/85 - Teacher sets an essay for homework on Where I'm Going on Holiday
05/10/85 - A Film maker records the class playing playground games.
28/12/85 - The Toffs and The Scruffs buy presents for each other.
04/01/86 - Teacher buys a new table for the class.
29/03/86 - The Toffs Hypnotise the Scruffs
24/05/86 - Teacher Closes the Tuck Shop
06/09/86 - The Toffs take on a sponsered silence to impress teacher
20/09/86 - The Scruffs decide to bunk off school