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Issue Number/Date: 20th July 1985
Free Gift: None
Inserts: None
Price: 22p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Buster cont.
Pg 2) Young Arfur
Pg 3) Cliff Hanger
Pg 4) Good Guy
Pg 5) Fright School
Pg 6) Fright School cont.
Pg 7) Free Skips Coupon
Pg 8) Chalky
Pg 9) Mummy's Boy
Pg 10) The Winners
Pg 11) Skid Kidd
Pg 12) Skid Kidd cont & Jackpot Jokes
Pg 13) It's a Nice Life
Pg 14) It's a Nice Life cont.
Pg 15) B'ware Caretaker
Pg 16) B'Ware Caretaker cont and Top Class Comics
Pg 17) Faceache
Pg 18) School Belle
Pg 19) Top Of The Class
Pg 20) Top Of The Class cont and Puzzle Challenge
Pg 21) Walt Teaser
Pg 22) Jack Pott
Pg 23) Pete's Pop Up Book
Pg 24) Hollywood Chewing Gum Advert
Pg 25) X Ray Specs
Pg 26) X Ray Specs Cont. and Weetabix Winners
Pg 27) Clumsy Colin
Pg 28) Do Me A Favour Buster
Pg 29) Ivor Lott and Tony Broke
Pg 30) Ivor Lott and Tony Broke cont.
Back Pg) Weetabix Advert

Front Page:


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Page 1: Buster cont.

Buster has to take an old sofa to the dump This Story in Full

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Page 2: Young Arfur

Arfur saves Terry from a battering by Thumper Thompson This Story in Full

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Page 3: Cliff Hanger

Episode 105: Cliff gets left in a helicopter that's out of fuel. This Story in Full

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Page 4: Good Guy

Guy has to do the washing up. This Story in Full

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Page 5: Fright School

The Ghouls continue to try and get rid of the class. This Story in Full

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Page 6: Fright School cont

The ghouls make the ceiling cave in. This Strip in Full

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Page 7: Advert for KP Skips

The advert includes Clumsy Colin falling after a packet of skips, Sweetcorn Relish Flavour. There is also a free coupon (worth 13p). You get one handy pack of KP Skips Sweetcorn Relish flavour and the offer closes on 31st October 1985.

There is also a mention for the retailer saying that KP foods will redeem the coupon and it must be recieved by 31st November 1985.

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Page 8: Chalky

Chalky turns himself into a merboy. This Story In Full

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Page 9: Mummy's Boy

Mummy tries to protect Angel from the summer. This Story in Full

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Page 10: The Winners

Mr Winner enters a lookalike competition. This story in full

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Page 11: Skid Kidd

Michael tries to take the bike back to the police station. This Story in Full

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Page 12: Skid Kidd cont. and Jackpot Jokes

Michael rescues one of the evil gang. This Story in Full

Also on this page is Jackpot Jokes. The winner of the 5 Jackpot prize was David Artis from Witchford

The eight runners up were
Anonymous Buster Reader from Newtownards
Brian Quinlan from Mulhudkert
Paul Langford from Rainham
Kathleen Millward from Shardlow
Darren Spading in Sandy
Natasha Burdekin in Hadfield
Karen Ebsworth from Basingstoke
and Michael Jervis in Sheffield

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Page 13: It's a Nice Life

Dustbin the goat follows Babs into Maddie's house. This Story in Full

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Page 14: It's A Nice Life cont.

Dustbin starts trying to do some tricks. This Story in Full

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Page 15: B'ware Caretaker

Double Page Spread, Mr Ware goes on the hunt for a dirty shoe. This Story in Full

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Page 16: B'Ware Caretaker cont. and Top Class Comics

Double Page Spread of the above

Half the page is a column for Top Class Comics. This week's winners are Class 2, Ley HIll Middle School, Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands. They win 25 for a Classroom Treat.

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Page 17: Faceache

Faceache kicks his ball into Major McNasty's garden. This Story in Full

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Page 18: School Belle

Belle and Glenda fight for Hunk Harrison's love. This Story in Full

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Page 19: Top of the Class

Teacher takes the class on a nature trek This Story in Full

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Page 20: Top of The Class cont. and Topof the Class Puzzle Challenge

The kids get lost. This Story in Full

Also on this page is a Top of The Class Puzzle Challenge. It's a word search with the Toffs and Scruffs hiding their favourite words

Scruffs - Comics, Burgers, Pop, Southend, Mini, Minder and Disco
Toffs - Books, Steak, Bubbly, Florida, Rolls, Panorama and Ball

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Page 21: Walt Teaser

Walt winds up Soppy Simon at a cricket match. This Story in Full

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Page 22: Jack Pott

Jack gets Bertie Bashforth to do his shopping. This Story in Full.

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Page 23: Pete's Pop-Up Book

Pete's book is used to get rid of wasps at a picnic. This Story in Full

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Page 24: Advert for Hollywood Chewing Gum

The advert stars Woody Holly who points out that Hollywood chewing gum is just 10p a pack and comes in 6 flavours - Strawberry, Peach and Apricot, Raspberry and Blackcurrant, Lemon, Spearmint and Cola. It's branded as the only gum worth "Chewzing" (a play on choosing).

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Page 25: X Ray Specs

Ray starts helping people find things at the beach. This Story in Full.

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Page 26: X Ray Specs cont. and Weetabix Competition Winners Announced

Ray finds a criminal. This Story in Full

Also on this page is the announcement of the winners to a previous competition with Weetabix.

You had to unscramble 19 letters to find four colors - "Blue, Orange, Red and Yellow" with correct entries broken down into two age groups, 9 years & under and 10 years & over. First prize of a complete artist kit went to Rebecca Clarke of Trowbridge (9years and under) and Oliver Jeffery of Herne Bay for 10 years and over.

Plus there were 50 runners up in each age group winner a Rexel Colourland Activity set. (Far too many to list here, but well done if it was you!)

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Page 27: Clumsy Colin

Colin has saved up money to pay into the bank. This Story in Full

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Page 28: Do Me a Favour Buster

Each printed letter this week gets a Buster Sports Cap, and a pack of Travel Trivia game from Waddingtons. There are six to collect.

Linda Flynn in Redbridge asks how Buster chooses his letters as this is her fourth and she's still not been published. Buster says he reads them all, but can't print them all so tries to choose people with something interesting to ask or say.
Perry Wardle from Marlpool Heanor has sent in a picture of Ivor, Tony, Milly and Penny
Emily Turner in Kessingland spots a mistake in a recent strip of The Winners although Buster points out that actually it's not wrong.
There's also the Cliff Hanger result, the Top Of the Class wordsearch result and the winner of the Jackpot Jokes.
Finally Buster Birthdays for Karen Allard of Leytonstone and M Cheung from Leigh on Sea both of whom have a birthday on the 18th July, sharing it with Nick Faldo.
There is also a little trophy telling us that School Team are back next week.

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Page 29: Ivor Lott and Tony Broke

Ivor shows off his personal telephone. This Story in Full

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Page 30: Ivor Lott and Tony Broke cont.

Ivor gets into trouble when ringing Pater. This Story in Full

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Back Page: Weetabix advert

Advert for Weetabix. The bix are in the cinema getting excited about a film, but it turns out it's just an advert. (I know, I don't get it either!)

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