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The title strip of the comic was labelled as Buster from 25th May 1985 - 25 years after the comic began. Tom Paterson took over to begin with from the long running Buster's Diary. In January 1986 he introduced some new characters and all of them made the switch when Jimmy Hansen took over the title strip in April 1990. New material was used for the title strip until February 1999 when it began to be reprinted. Below are the links to the Buster's strips as they appear in our Page by Page section

1st June 1985 - Buster is off to play cricket
29th June 1985 - Buster runs into trouble with a bully on the beach
20th July 1985 - Buster has to take an old sofa to the dump
27th July 1985 - Buster Goes Hunting For Treasure
5th October 1985 - Buster plays football with a tennis ball
28th December 1985 - Buster goes to buy a Christmas Turkey
4th January 1986 - Buster tries to put together a football team
29th March 1986 - Buster chases a runaway egg
24th May 1986 - Buster Goes on a Camping Trip
6th September 1986 - Buster thinks there's been an alien invasion!
20th September 1986 - Buster gets a new camera