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Issue Number/Date: 29th June 1985
Free Gift: None
Inserts: Buster's 25th Anniversary Pullout Part 4
Price: 22p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less
Pg 2) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less cont.
Pg 3) Cliff Hanger
Pg 4) Chalky
Pg 5) School Team
Pg 6) School Team cont and Advert for The Judge Dredd Collection
Pg 7) KP Skips Advert for Stunt Bike Promotion
Pg 8) The Winners
Pg 9) Teachers United
Pg 10) 25th Anniversary Pullout - 1972 & 1973
Pg 11) 25th Anniversary Pullout - Adventure Strips
Pg 12) Young Arfur
Pg 13) Mummy's Boy
Pg 14) Buster's Jackpot Jokes
Pg 15) B'ware Caretaker
Pg 16) B'Ware Caretaker cont and Test Yourself
Pg 17) Wonder Wellies
Pg 18) Do Me A Favour Buster
Pg 19) Top of The Class
Pg 20) Top Of The Class cont and Top Class Comics
Pg 21) Walt Teaser
Pg 22) School Belle
Pg 23) Faceache
Pg 24) Weetabix Advert - Choose Your Own Adventure Books
Pg 25) X Ray Specs
Pg 26) X Ray Specs Cont. and Calculator Winners
Pg 27) Good Guy
Pg 28) Advert For Next Week's Buster
Pg 29) It's A Nice Life
Pg 30) It's A Nice Life cont.
Back Pg) Buster cont.

Front Page:


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Page 1:Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less

Tony and Penny are wondering what it's like to get Red Carpet Treatment This Story in Full

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Page 2: Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Milly O'Naire & Penny Less cont

Ivor and Penny get servants to roll red carpet around after them. This Story in Full

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Page 3: Cliff Hanger

Episode 102: Cliff delivers goodies to Granny. This Story in Full

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Page 4: Chalky

Chalky helps his class get out of poetry lessons.This Story in Full

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Page 5: School Team

Headmaster wants the school to enter a music competition. This Story in Full

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Page 6: School Team cont and Advert For The Judge Dredd Collection

The Team struggle to get into the competition.This Strip in Full

Also on this page is an advert for the Judge Dredd Collection. "A Mega Collection Featuring The Pick Of The Strips From The Daily Star." Price is 1.25 Earth Money.

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Page 7: Advert for KP Skips Stunt Bike Competition

The advert includes Clumsy Colin struggle on a bike. There is a question asking "Could You Handle a Clumsy Colin Stunt Bike" and the advertisement to see special packs for details. The size of the Friction Bike is 1" by 3 and a half.

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Page 8: The Winners

Dad is entering the animal impressions contest. This Story In Full

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Page 9: Teachers United

The Teachers frame a troublesome pupil as an escaped criminal. This Story in Full

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Page 10: Buster's 25th Anniversary Pullout

Pages 13 and 16 of the book focusing on 1972 and 1973. One strip featured from each year.
1972 - Clever Dick Dick builds a submarine.This Story in Full

1973 - Penny Pincher Penny buys a scary mask. This Story in Full

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Page 11: Buster's 25th Anniversary Pullout

The centre pages (14 & 15) with a special spread on The Adventurers. Charlie Peace, The Leopard From Lime Street, Nutty Slack, Fishboy, Thunderbolt The Avenger, The Mighty Misfits, Galaxus and Zarga are all featurered as some of the best of the Adventure stories from 25 years of Buster.

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Page 12: Young Arfur

Arfur helps Terry to get out of chores to go to a gig This Story in Full

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Page 13: Mummy's Boy

Mummy is having a new kitchen fitted. This Story in Full

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Page 14: Buster's Jackpot Jokes

Each winner received a 2 prize:

Richard Worsley from Egham
John Lambert from Spixworth
Lee Roberts in Cleethorpes
David Berry in Upton
Julie McCann from Mossley
Brian Meade in Passage East
Philip Ward from Keyingham
And Michael Finucane from Selly Park

Receiving the top prize of 5 was

Alan Steward from Ipswich.

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Page 15: B'ware Caretaker

Double Page Spread, Mr Ware tries the Bell to keep the kids out of school. This Story in Full

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Page 16: B'Ware Caretaker cont. and Test Yourself

Double Page Spread of the above

Half the page is a column for Test Yourself - Are You A Groveller?

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Page 17: Wonder Wellies

Willy takes an Ice Lolly onto the beach.This Story in Full

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Page 18: Do Me A Favour Buster

Each Published Letter gets a Sports Cap and a Clumsy Colin Video Game. This is the final week of the video game giveaway.

Helen Rule from Garston has spotted a back to front sign in episode 46 of Cliff Hanger
Rebecca Kaczor in Derby tells us she has a pet bird named Chalky, and asks if anyone else has pets named after Buster Characters.
Donna Emerson from Frosterley asks if Auf Wiedersehen Pet is coming back - it is, this Autumn and they're in a different country
Sue Rose in Walderslade asks whether it is lucky or unlucky to have a black cat run in front of you as her and her sister are arguing about it. Buster doesn't know, but tells us her dropped a burger on the pavement and fell on it when a black cat ran in front of him once.

The Cliff Hanger Result plus Birthday mentions for Simon Harrison of Whitchurch, 25th June, and Andrew Hughes from Builth Wells and Chris Roberts in East Gascote both celebrating on 27th June.

Finally, there's a little message to tell us we have now completed the 25th Anniversary Booklet!

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Page 19: Top of the Class

The Toffs and Scruffs argue over who is to tidy the sports equipment away. This Story in Full

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Page 20: Top of The Class cont. and Top Class Comics

Headmaster gets the wrong end of the stick giving Teacher more problems. This Story in Full

Also on this page are the Top Class Comics, Form 1S from Bullers Wood School in Chislehurst, Kent.

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Page 21: Walt Teaser

Walt winds up Lorraine who is off to a disco.This Story in Full

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Page 22: School Belle

Belle is helping out at the Jumble Sale. This Story in Full.

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Page 23: Faceache

Healeys Joke Shop has a new assistant and Faceache wants to play tricks on him. This Story in Full

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Page 24: Advert for Weetabix

Weetabix Promotion for the Free Choose Your Own Adventure Books in special packs of Weetabix. The books are layed out so that you decide what happens next (very Cliff Hanger style).

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Page 25: X Ray Specs

Ray has arranged to meet Mark for a jogging sessionThis Story in Full.

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Page 26: X Ray Specs cont. and Calculator Winners Announced

Mark forgot as he was playing with his new computer.This Story in Full

Also on this page a half page announcement of the winners for the Texas Instruments Calculator Competition which featured in an earlier issue (exact issue TBC). The overall answer was 1,607 and all the correct entries were judged on neatness with age being taken into account. Twenty five winners were picked out and the winners of Texas Instrumnets 30 Galaxy Calculators. There were

Clare Adams from Lowestoft
Lesley Bascombe in Totton
Stuart Crossfield from Haywards Heath
Matthew Davies in Norwich
Peter Drew also from Norwich
Andrew Dixon in Blackburn
Tony Dunford from Bath
Giles Elphick from Hailsham
Zoe Gilmore in Gillingham
James Hartley in Walsall
Clare Hokan from Dublin
Craig Lincoln from Scarborough
Paul McMahon in Brentwood
Kathryn McMinn from Liverpool
Carl Metcalfe in Buxton
Markos Neodeous from Gloucester
David Offer from St. Neots
Alexa Pilch in Pulborough
Emma Pritchard from Caernarfon
Lisa Roby in Wigan
Peter Rodrigues from London SE17
Steven Soden in Great Missenden
Mark Spevick from Harrow
Claire Wellar in Birmingham
and Andrew Williams from Liverpool

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Page 27: Good Guy

Little Nickum tries to make Guy wake up his friends This Story in Full

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Page 28: Advert for Next Week's Buster

In next week's Buster

Clumsy Colin is back plus two new strips. Fright School and Pete's Pop-Up Book

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Page 29: It's A Nice Life

Stanley and Barbara take in a package for Maddie. This Story in Full

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Page 30: It's A Nice Life cont.

A Fashion Show turns into a disaster for Maddie This Story in Full

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Back Page: Buster

Buster runs into trouble with a bully on the beach. This Story in Full

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