The Buster Strips

The lead character in this long running comic wasn't always confined to one strip. In fact, at certain times as well as the title strip, Buster also appeared in other strips within the pages.

The Title Strips

Buster, Son of Andy Capp: 28th May 1960 - 4th February 1961
Art: Bill Titcombe

The Daydreams of Buster: 11th February 1961 - 28th April 1962
Art: Hugh Mcniell

Buster's Diary: 5th May 1962 - 13th January 1968
Art: Nadal/ Leo Baxendale; 6th May, 15th July, 5th August, 26th August, 23rd Sept, & 21st October 1967

Buster's Dreamworld: 20th January 1968 - 15th June 1974
Art: Nadal

Buster's Diary 22nd June 1974 - 18th May 1985
Art: Reg Parlett

Buster: 25th May 1985 - 4th January 2000
Art: Tom Paterson 25th May 1985 - 7th April 1990 / Jimmy Hansen 14th April 1990 - 4th Jan 2000

Buster's Dreamworld Also Appeared in the Birthday Book for Boys 1972
With thanks to Mike for Image

The Supplement Strips

Buster's Diary: 6th August 1960 - 4th February 1961
Art: Bill Titcombe

Buster's Bygone Days: 24th September 1960 - 4th February 1961
Art: Juan Rafart

Buster's Good Deeds: 11th February 1961 - 9th September 1961
Art: Hugh McNiell

Buster's Bedtime Tale: 5th June 1965 - 23rd October 1965
Art: Roy Wilson

Buster's Bedtime Tale was a reprint of the Fairy Tale Burlesques from Jingles

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