The Shrinker

Launched: 8th December 1963

Ended: 16th January 1965

Comic Launched In: Buster

Other Comics: Reprinted In Valiant 2nd March 1968 - 10th Jan 1970

Artwork: Mike Western (8th December 1963 - 29th June 1963)
Carlos Cruz (24th August 1963 - 16th January 1965)

This was a series character. The titles were:

The Shrinker (8th December 1962 - 29th June 1963)
Return of The Shrinker (24th August - 15th February 1964)
The Shrinker's Revenge (2nd May - 29th August 1964)
The Voyage of The Shrinker (5th September - 17th October 1964)
The Shrinker in Space (24th October 1964 - 16th January 1965)

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