Artist: Anthony Hutchings
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

Itís Dadís birthday and Walt spots a perfect opportunity to wind him up. Firstly he comments on the extra grey hair, and says they should order some colour. He then decides some hair restorer wouldnít go amiss either.

They head out to the shops, Walt follows behind his Dad, holding a walking stick saying his Dad forgot it. His Dad says it belongs to Grandad. Next up, Walt asks if his Dad needs help crossing the road, then complains the noise of his joints creaking is really putting his nerves on edge. He claims his Dad is too deaf to hear it.

Next they pass a queue, which Walt says his Dad should join, saying itís the queue for the old aged pensions! Then one of Waltís mates calls out that Sloaneís Store are giving away a free goody bag with every purchase. They al dash down there. Waltís Dad gets to the front of the queue whilst Walt is last. His Dad surmises Walt must be getting old!


Walt calls the hair colour Athenian 10,000