Artist: Vic Niell
Type: Page and Half
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

The class is one of many to be asked to take part in a survey about children’s likes and dislikes. The first question is about sweets, and the Toffs use it as an excuse to eat their sweets in the class, which doesn’t please the scruffs.

Sir, quickly moves onto the second question about likes and dislikes in sports. The Scruffs like Boxing and go to check it out on the Toffs, but they like Karate best. Teacher puts an end to it before a fight kicks off.

Next up, reading material. The Toffs like the heavier stuff and got to hurl books at the Scruffs, but they retaliate with lighter material of Paper aeroplanes and the like.

Finally, they’re asked what kind of school work they prefer. The class are harmonious in saying they hate all of it, but Sir says that isn’t a true test. So they start being seeing how much they hate maths, then move onto History.