Artist: Vic Niell
Type: Page and Half
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

Cyril and the Toffs decide to take on a task to impress teacher and put them in Sir's good books. The Scruff's overhear, and later that day The Toffs see some forms for a sponsored silence. So next morning they begin, and the Scruff's try their very best to make them break their silence. They snatch the Toff's homework and copy it, leaving the Toff's fuming silently.

At playtime, the Scruff's creep up behind the Toff's and burst some balloons. Struggling to keep quiet from the fright, the Toffs hop around. It's at this point that Herbert points out it's all a waste of time, as the forms are out of date, found in the school storeroom. Meanwhile, Sir decides that because the Toffs have been on their best behaviour they can go home early, whilst the Scruff's get some extra hard sums!


There's a sign on the school wall saying "All pupils are to stop calling the games mistress Rambo - Head!"