Artist: Solano Lopez
Type: Double Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

Continued from last week, The Toymaker is behind bars and Tim and Susan think the trouble is over. But then an emergency newsflash comes through about a massive piggy bank that's demolished a supermarket on the outskirts of town, and has then moved on to a housing estate.

Ground air strikes have failed to stop the monster, and a rewards has been offered for the pigs destruction. This gives Tim an idea, money is the answer. Susan thinks Tim is suggesting they pay the pig to stay way. Tim points out that the pig is fireproof, bombproof, waterproof and puncture proof, but all of it's defences are on the outside.

The army put this ideas to action, and they get off airbourne. They have, hanging from the helicopter a new landmine, cunningly disguised as a 50p piece. They drop the coin into the pig as he is demolishing the football stadium, as the bomb goes off the pig is destroyed and the Curse of the Terror Toys is over for good!


This is the last episode of The Terror Toys.