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15/12/84 - The class think they're playing Ludo when it's actually Judo
29/12/84 - The team win best dressed school competition
01/06/85 - Headmaster enters the team into the Inter Schools Swim Contest
29/06/85 - Headmaster wants to enter the school into a Music Festival
27/07/85 - The kids want to do a proper lesson instead of entering competitions
05/10/85 - Headmaster enters the school into an Inter Schools Cycling Race
28/12/85 - The Team enter a Carol Singing contest.
04/01/85 - The team enter a cross country sledge race
29/03/86 - The team go in hunt of the Abominable Snowman
24/05/86 - The team are in Hawaii
06/09/86 - The team take part in a surfboard contest.
20/09/86 - The team are in Japan.