Artist: Anthony Hutchins
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

The team decide they can't leave Hawaii without taking part in a surfboard contest. Teacher passes a couple of surfing professionals who call him fat. He asks if they want his surfboard rammed in their big, fat mouth, but unfortunately, the opposite happens, and teach is swallowing his surfboard.

The class get out into the sea and start surfing. Sir gets swept over in a big wave and lands on a shark. The shark hits himself on a post, and the class think he's lucky. But Sir denies this as he simply told the shark that the post had a nail and he had to hit it. When asked why, Sir points out it was a Hammerhead shark!


This is one of the few strips where nobody wins anything!
The team have actually already taken part in the surfing contest back in May That strip, however, was done by Vic Niell.