Artist: Mike Lacey
Type: Page and half
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

Ray is out walking and spots his Aunt has done some baking, so decides to pop in. And she gives him some cakes. Later he sees that Mr Brown has made some Ice Cream in his café, so offers to help wipe the floor over, and gets some free ice cream as a result.

Next Ray spots burning in the oven of the hotel kitchen. He alerts the chef who gives him a slice of the pie he was cooking as thanks. Then he walks past Mary Jones’ house and he’s just made a Gateau. He pops by and gets a slice of that too.

Then we’re given an X Ray picture of Rays tummy, he’s full. The final frame is a picture of his bathroom door, and we are left to work out what’s happening behind there for ourselves.