Artist: Mike Lacy
Type: Page and Half
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

Ray and his family are off to see a magician and Ray gets picked out as a volunteer from the audience. The magician pulls a tennis ball out of thin air, but Ray points out it was up his sleeve. Ray also points out all the other items up the magician's sleeve too.

The magician manages to shut Ray up and moves onto the next trick with his assistant. The assistant is put into a cupboard to disappear, but Ray points out there's just a trapdoor in the cupboard....he even shows the audience where the switch is.

The Magician calls Ray a know it all, but Ray points out he's a see it all, and introduces himself as X Ray Specs from Buster. Ray also points out that there's a label on the Magician's hair - "Joseph Bloggs Wigmaker." Ray yanks the wig off.

Finally, the magician says he's got a trick that Ray won't be able to see through. The calls for some handcuffs, a sack, blindfold, rope, chains and a crate. Ray presumes the Magician is going to try and escape from the crate, but the magician reveals it'll be Ray who makes his escape from the crate.

The magician is Paul Dangles on at the Pier Theatre.
The magician has an Ace of Spades, Ten of Clubs, Bunch of Flowers, White Dove and a Magic Wand up his sleeve.
The assistant is called Glenda.