One Strip Wonders

Particularly in the 90s through my collection there were many one strip wonders. These were characters that only appeared once. My collection picks up that many of the "Crazy Characters" were just that, although they can be found on our special Crazy Characters Page.

Everything else I've found is below, although the dates listed apply to when they appear in my collection, and are not neccessarily the first time they appear.


27th June 1992: Mervyn Johnston

7th July 1990: Terry & Sheila Bave
Followup 20th June 1992 - Gordon Hill

29th June 1991 (reprinted: 1st April 1997): Mervyn Johnston

27th June 1992: Unknown


27th July 1991: Steve Matt

20th June 1992 (Reprinted 13th April 1999): Gordon Hill

12th December 1992: Gordon Hill

18th July 1992: Gordon Hill

23rd November 1991: Gordon Hill

9th February 1991: Gordon Hill

29th June 1991: Gordon Hill

22nd September 1990: Gordon Hill
Follow up 2nd February 1991: Gordon Hill


14th March 1992: Gordon Hill

6th June 1990: Unknown

20th June 1990: Mark Bennington

6th October 1990: Unknown
Mk II 8th December 1990: Unknown

15th September 1990 (reprinted: 24th November 1998): Mervyn Johnston


30th January 1993: Unknown

6th April 1991 (reprinted 3rd April 1993 & 1st April 1997): Unknown


1st August 1992: Gordon Hill


26th September 1992: Unknown

The Further Adventures of Basin Donovan
30th May 1992: Gordon Hill


21st July 1990: Unknown

30th January 1993: Steve Parkes

2nd May 1992: Unknown
Follow up 3rd July 1993: Sid Burgon

28th April 1990: Unknown


21st March 1992: Gordon Hill

11th May 1991 (Reprinted 29th September 1998): Anthony Hutchings


6th April 1991 (Reprinted 14th September 1999) - Terry & Sheila Bave

15th December 1990 (Reprinted 15th October 1996): Lew Stringer

19th December 1992: Terry Bave

23rd May 1992: Unknown


15th February 1992: Gordon Hill

23rd March 1991 (reprinted 29th April 1997): Mark Bennington


4th August 1990: Mervyn Johnston

16th January 1993: Steve Parkes

1st February 1992: Steve Parkes

11th April 1992: Steve Parkes

22nd June 1991: Steve Mall (I think)


13th April 1991: Anthony Hutchings


3rd August 1991: Steve Parkes

15th August 1992: Gordon Hill

One Day At London Zoo - 1st September 1990: Unknown


6th February 1993: Unknown
Follow Up 10th July 1993: Unknown

11th July 1992: Mitch


Sammy Smith & Steamer - 26th January 1991 - Mervyn Johnston

17th - 29th December 1994: Unkown

9th January 1993: Unknown

21st July 1990: Terry & Shiela Bave

7th December 1991: Steve Parkes

11th July 1992: Gordon Hill

12th January 1991 - Unknown

27th March 1993: Ed McHenry

31st August 1991 - Mark Bennington

19th January 1991 (Reprinted 21st January 1997): Anthony Hutchings


25th May 1991: Mark Bennington

5th October 1991: Gordon Hill

20th March 1993: Ed McHenry

16th May 1992 (Reprinted 8th December 1998): Gordon Hill

18th August 1990: Terry & Sheila Bave

13th October 1990 (Reprinted 28th September 1999): Terry & Sheila Bave

3rd August 1991: Mark Bennington
28th September 1991: Mark Bennington


9th June 1990 (Reprinted 30th September 1997): Unknown

2nd November 1991: Gordon Hill


17th - 29th December 1994: Unknown

27th April 1991 (reprinted 24th June 1997): Gordon Hill

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