Artist: Reg Parlett
Type: Double Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

Ollie and Maddie can hear nothing but hammering coming from Stan and Bab's place so they decide to head off to the river for some fishing and peace and quiet. However, on the other side of the wall, Stan and Bab's have been building their own boat so they can go fishing too!

Bab's isn't sure it will float, and as they take it to the river they realise it's got a small leak, but if they keep bailing out they'll be fine! Soon, Ollie gets something tugging at his fishing line, and it turns out Stan and Babs have found them! Stan and Babs ask if they can come aboard and Ollie and Maddie reluctantly agree.

The men and the kids try fishing, but there isn't a lot of room and Ollie ends up falling overboard. Tensions begin to rise between the families, but they calm down and Stan casts off. However, his fishing line hooks onto the starter key of Ollie's boat and it ends up in the river. Maddie worries she'll be marooned forever, but Bab's points out there is one way back. Both families end up rowing in Stan and Bab's leaky boat, bailing out as quickly as they can!