Artist: Frank McDiarmid
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

Mum and Dad are off out and they've left Sis and Wally baby sitting. Wally gives Lil Bruvver 25p for an ice cream. Thinking he's gone Sis and Wally go to kiss, when Lil Bruvver appears from behind the sofa. He points out that if he had 50p he could get an Ice Cream & a choc bar.

Lil Bruvver says he won't rush indoors after buying them, and Wally gives him a pound. And just as they go to kiss lil Bruvver appears again. Sis says she thought he wouldn't rush back from the shop, but he points out he didn't need to go to the shop. He got them from the Ice Cream Van outside!


The Choc bar Lil Burvver gets is a Yukkee Choc Bar.