Artist: Jim Crocker
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

Jack is about to snap a large bar of chocolate and bets he'll get the biggest share, but suddenly Smarty Boswell appears and starts measuring it out to make sure nobody gets a bigger share then anyone else. Next up they head off to the putting green, and Jack bets he'll take longest to go around. But Smarty Boswell insists that you're only allowed half an hour, and he'll monitor the time!

Half an hour later everyone is hungry, and Jack bets he'll make the biggest sandwich. But Smarty gets going again and calculates it so that everyone gets the same - and Jack has one lettuce lead and a slice of salami too many! Jack calls him a spoilsport, but Smarty points out it's not nice to always want the biggest share.

Jack and his mates point out that it's a bit of fun, and Jack says he'll prove he's got manners by giving Smarty the biggest share of the next thing! The biggest share of Pete's paper round!