Artist: Sid Burgon
Type: Double Page
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

Tony and Penny are admiring a poster for Sunny Seawick, commenting on how it looks like a nice place for a holiday. Ivor and Milly come along and they’re not impressed. They say they can’t imagine how anyone would be attracted to something advertised on a poster.

Tony asks if they bank with Wufflays (the next poster on the wall) but Ivor says no, Wufflays bank with them! Penny then insists Ivor and Milly must enjoy the chocolate bar that’s advertised next.

Ivor admits it, but goes on to say it has to be made to a giant size. Two of Ivor’s servants carry the bar to Ivor and the four of them tuck in. When they’ve had enough, Ivor leaves the chocolate where it is and goes off to look for more posters.

Tony spots an advertisement for a minibus, but Ivor shows off his maxibuss. The final poster they see is for Freddy goes to Felixstowe. Tony is sure that Ivor’s bought records from the band, but Ivor proves he can hire them, and the band perform in the street.

Suddenly, one of Ivor’s servants calls him. The chocolate bar has melted and gone all over the road. One of the people stuck in it is Pater. Milly and Ivor hide while Pater sets to work creating a new poster. A Wanted Poster for Ivor and Milly.


Freddy Goes To Felixstowe’s LP is this week’s number 1
The Chocolate bar is called Porky
A tortoise carrying a letter can be seen in the fourth frame with the words post of his shell.
The Alottabus has at least two TVs, and a trade entrance at the back.
Ivor and Milly hid in two nearby dustbins that can be seen quivering
A Cyclist and a policeman are also caught in the chocolate with Pater