Artist: Sid Burgon
Type: Double Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

Tony's Dad is mending a gate and points out to Tony, that his grandfather built it. Tony comments if it's kept in good condition it'll last. Ivor and Milly appear and point out that they believe in replacing, not repairing, and take Tony and Penny to show them.

Tony points out that a hedge needs trimming, but Ivor shows that instead of trimming it, they'll just dig it up and put new ones in it's place. Ivor then spots a statue of his father, but points out he's lost a few hairs since then. So Ivor demands it is taken done, and will be replaced by one of him.

Once the statue is in place, they spot Tom the Gardener. Ivor asks how long he's been here, and Tom replies nigh on 70 years. Ivor decides it's been far too long and he should be placed. Tony says that Ivor shouldn't do that, but Ivor realises that Tony & Milly have been hanging around for a while, and he sends them off to be replaced too!

Meanwhile, Ivor's Pater is returning home and sees his statue and his bushes being driven away from Lott Hall. Tony points out that Ivor & MIlly are replacing things they are tired off. This gives Pater an idea, and he decides he's tired of them - and sends them packing!


The Lott statues stand on a plinth inscribed "A Famous Lott"