Artist: Terry Bave
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

Mischievous Mike is at Guy’s for Breakfast and tries to make him late for school by offering Guy another slice of toast. Guy accepts, and Mike is thrilled to see Guy’s Dad leaving without him.

But Guy is getting the school bus instead. Mike then tries to make Guy move around on the bus, and Guy does get up. But only to press the bell to stop Terry missing the bus.

The next stop is the school and Mike pushes past people getting off before realising that he should have stayed on. It’s the day of the schools outing and the bus has now left without him!


If one of the rules is that Guy can’t move around on the bus he has been bad. When the bus closes its doors at school Guy is near the front, but he moves to the back window for the last frame to wave goodbye.