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Buster Front Cover

So Egmont have finally released a copy of the front cover of this years Buster special.....and here it is:

But what do we make of it? Well Buster's diary was voted earlier this year as your favourite Buster period, so we're really pleased with. 58th place Snooper is providing a tease into the comic too.

We've also spotted the banner under the title box telling selling "Genuine Comic Strips From the 1970s..." This surprised us slightly and whilst it'll more or less guarentee appearances by almost all of the Top Ten, those high placed strips from the 80s (most notably Tom Thug), look unlikely to pop up in this edition.

Of course, until we open that first edition on 9th December, we're only speculating - and in any case, with 70% of the top ten launching in the 1970s, most of you should be pretty pleased with the finished product.