Artist: Reg Parlett
Type: Double Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

The class are working hard to clear the garden of St. Crypto's. But it's turning out to be very hot work. They decide that they want a swimming pool in the school. One of the class points out there is a pond beside the bike sheds. Teacher thinks it's a good idea, so they decide to get changed.

When they get to the pool they find a shark in it. Teacher presumes it's a fake one but when he goes to nudge it with a stick, the shark bites the stick. Deciding that they'll never clear a shark from the pond, they remember there's another in the ground's near the back door.

As teacher goes in to test the water, a Piranha bites him. It won't let go of Teacher's toe, so one of the students decides there's only one thing for it, "Piranha and chips." The fish instally lets go, but they still have a problem of checking there's nothing in the water.

The kids fetch the flame thrower and use it to heat up the water and that sends all of the creatures in the water running away in pain. Teacher then sticks in a rake to make sure that nothing has been left behind. He finds that something is caught on the rake and after yanking on it, pulls out the plug.

This gives the class a chance to clean the pool out properly, so they've got a first rate swimming pool!