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The Buster Comic Index, released in 1995 lists every single free gift in the first 35 years of the comic. Hopefully, I'll get more information on some of these soon, but for now - here goes!!!

28th May 1960 (Issue 1) Buster's Balloon Bleeper

4th June 1960 Buster's Zoomer Jet

11th June 1960 Buster's Dodger Kit

29th October 1960 Buster's Zoomer Rocket

5th November 1960 Guy Fawkes Mask

12th November 1960 False Teeth

25th February 1961 Twelve Men of Danger Folder and 3 Cards

4th March 1961 - 18 March 1961 3 Cards for the Above Folder

5th May 1962 Buster's Boomerang

12th May 1962 Buster's Book of Flying Aces and 4 Cards

19th May 1962 - 26th May 1962 4 Cards for the Above Book

15th September 1962 Vickers VC10 Cardboard Model

30th October 1965 Guy Fawkes Mask

6th November 1965 Guy Fawkes Banger

14th May 1966 - 28th May 1966 Cremola Foam Drink & Crystals Lemon/Raspberry/Orange

7th February 1970 Soccer Album and 8 stickers

14th February 1970 - 28th February 1970 8 Soccer Stickers

16th October 1971 My Favourite Soccer Stars Album

23rd October 1971 8 Soccer Stickers

1st October 1977 Frankenstein Creepy Clutcher

25th February 1978 Funny Fizzical Stickers

28th April 1979 Two Shakes Mix

19th April 1980 Trebor Mummies Sweets

28th February 1981 Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum

24th October 1981 Colorfarms Adventure Set

12th June 1982 Weetabix Badge

19th February 1983 Buster Badge

7th May 1983 Spotlight of Sport

4th June 1983 Playmobil Figure

24th September 1983 Buster Boomerang

15th October 1983 Leaping Frog

12th May 1984 Heinz Invaders Badge

15th September 1984 Clumsy Colin Cutout

8th December 1984 Ghostbuser's Stickers

11th May 1985 Heinz Haunted House Badge

25th May 1985 Deadly Rattler

8th June 1985 Weetabix Badge

8th March 1986 Magic Numbers Game

3rd May 1986 Oink! Preview Comic

27th September 1986 Joke Wallet

4th October 1986 Joke Strip

24th January 1987 Weetabix Stickers

31st January 1987 Nipper Preview Comic

18th July 1987 Nutto Bar

20th February 1988 Buster Poster

27th February 1988 - 5th March 1988 Spooky Glow Stickers

8th October 1988 Buster Bar

15th October 1988 Licorice Comfits

25th March 1989 Joke Wallet

1st April - 15th April 1989 Joke Strips for the Joke Wallet

22nd April 1989 Buster Bar

27th January 1990 Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Preview Comic

14th April 1990 Buster Badge

21st April 1990 Flying Dinosaur Glider

28th April 1990 Buster Bar

2nd June 1990 Nellie The Elephant Sweets

23rd March 1991 Nintendo Badge

30th March 1991 Cadbury's Chomp bar

14th September 1991 Ghost Train Poster

21st September 1991 - 5th October 1991 Glow in the Dark Stickers

11th January 1992 Feindish Facts Poster

11th April 1992 Nail Through Finger Practical Joke

18th April 1992 Joke flies

25th April 1992 Magic Trick

6th June 1992 - 13th June 1992 Panani Annual Stickers

12th September 1992 Monster in my Pocket

19th September 1992 Rocket Balloon

26th September 1992 Dracula Teeth

3rd October 1992 Mini Boglins

19th December 1992 Terminatar

10th April 1993 Sunny Line Stickers

17th April 1993 Mini Boglin

24 April 1993 Rocket Balloon

1st May 1993 Playground Draught Game

11th September 1993 - 2nd October 1993 Dinosaur Badge

13th November 1993 Sega Monster Challenge Card

28th January 1994 Big Buster Balloon

4th February 1994 Trick Pencil

8th April 1994 X Ray Specs Super Mask

15th April 1994 Tom Thug Foil Sticker

24th June 1994 Kellog's Pet Alien

1st July 1994 Nesquik Milkshake

2nd September 1994 Tom Thug Badge

9th September 1994 Buster Bar

16th September 1994 Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles

11th November 1994 Four Fun Stickers

18th November 1994 Mystery Free Gift

20th January 1995 Trick Eye

3rd February 1995 Flying Glider

17th March 1995 Dr. Zitbag Badge

31st March 1995 Horrifido Badge

26th May 1995 Bouncing Jet Ball

9th June 1995 Fun Pop Up

4th August 1995 Neon Strawz Fruit Flavour Sherbet

18th August 1995 Fake Jammie Dodger

28th October 1995 Fruit Pastilles

11th November 1995 Road Maniax Action Figure

25th November 1995 Road Manix Red Eye Secret Message Card

22nd December 1995 Christmas Gift Tags

2nd February 1996 X Ray Specs Pocket Puzzle

12th April 1996 Spooky Glow in the Dark Stickers

26th April 1996 Frosties Sweets

9th July 1996 Buster & Sqworm Badge

23rd July 1996 Free Flyer

1st October 1996 Planet Krapz Game Cards

15th October 1996 Buster Bar

24th December 1996 Fruit Lolly

7th January 1997 Mystery Gift

18th Marh 1997 Super Bouncy Ball

1st April 1997 Flying Cyclone

10th June 1997 Glow in the Dark Spider

24th June 1997 Walkers Fiddler Puzzle

2nd Sepetember 1997 Joke Nail

16th September 1997 Imps Gum

25th November 1997 Joke Pencil

9th December 1997 Christmas Stamps

17th February 1998 Feindish Finger

3rd March 1998 Frisbee

1st April 1998 Free Joke

27th May 1998 Squirt Ring

5th August 1998 Whistling Lassoo or Parping Goo

19th August 1998 Bop Balloon

2nd September 1998 Glow in the Dark Sticker

28th October 1998 Mystery Free Gift

3rd February 1999 Buster Fun Stickers

3rd March 1999 Joke Spider

31st March 1999 Odd Ball Balloon

28th April 1999 Antz Bike Fun Pack and Stickers

9th June 1999 Custard Splats

23rd June 1999 Injured Finger

4th August 1999 Jumping Hopper

13th October 1999 Zappers Mega Sour Sweets & Meter

If anyone can help with the missing gap of free gifts from January 1995 to October 1995 I'd love to hear from you. E-mail

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