Artist: Ken Reid
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

The boys can only have cocoa for supper tonight as someone has been stealing Matronís homemade cookies that she normally bakes. Mr Snipe was whoever it is will be severely punished.

Faceache decides to hide out in the kitchen and find out who it is himself. He scrunges into a dog to scare off any intruders. Soon Snipe comes into the kitchen, but as Faceache tries to explain why heís in the kitchen he realises Snipe canít hear him because heís sleep walking. Then Snipe begins sleep eating the cookies.

Faceache doesnít want to wake Snipe himself, so fetches Matron to do it. From that moment on Matron locks Snipe into his room until he stops sleepwalking.


Snipe's room is next door to the kitchen.