Artist: Jack Edward Oliver
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

Cliff has gone to see a magician at the theatre. He enjoys the show so much that after the performance he goes to the dressing room of the magician to get his autograph. Once Cliff is inside the dressing room, the Evil Spies fire the transformer Ray and the Magician changes into an Evil Sorcerer.

The sorcerer promises to show Cliff another trick – sawing a boy in half, without any magic. Cliff knows his only hope is to use one of the magicians own tricks, but which one.

The Rabbit from a hat, The Vanishing Cabinet or the Indian Rope Trick

The Indian Rope Trick leaves Cliff tied up as the rope wraps around him
The Vanishing Cabinet Vanishes, but doesn’t take Cliff with it
The Right answer is A, he produces a Welsh Rabbit from the hat and Cheese on toast is the sorcerers favourite meal!