Artist: Jack Edward Oliver
Type: Single Page
Printed in Issue: 6th September 1986

The Story

It's Cliff's last day on holiday and he decides to spend it on the beach. But when he gets there he finds it too cold. He heads back to the hotel and decides to see what is on TV, at which point the Evil Spies fire the Ray. It zaps the TV, and Cliff soon realises he's not watching the TV. The TV is watching him.

The TV starts chasing Cliff around the room and he asks what to do? Try Turning it Off, Try Tuning it In, or Try Another Channel? Turning it off doesn't work as it's a female Telly and is turned on by Cliff. Tuning it in refers to playing a tune on a violin, but that makes the TV angry. The answer is try another channel, and Cliff goes into the English Channel. The TV wouldn't dare follow him in there.


Cliff is staying at the ACME Hotel.
Cliff searches for programmes on Children's ITV
The magazine Cliff looks at is in one frame called the TV Chimes, the second TV Slimes and in a third TV Crimes.