Artist: Tom Paterson
Type: Front and Back Pages
Printed in Issue: 1st June 1985

The Story

Buster is off to play cricket for the school team. On his way, a bird drops an egg from her nest, but Buster catches it and puts it back. Next Buster is walking past the museum, and someone drops a priceless vase, but Buster catches it before it breaks.

Then he passes somebody who sneezes their false teeth out, and Buster catches them before they go down a drain!

Pleased with the practise heís had he starts playing cricket, but consistently drops the ball, causing his team to lose.


The vase is labelled as a Whang vase
Busterís cricket jumper comes down almost to his knees
The Blackbird whose egg he saves talks to him and other birds in the sky arrange themselves to say Ta.