The Annuals

The first Buster annual was released in 1961 dated for 1962. Fleetway then produced it every year until 1994 when all of the Fleetway annuals were stopped. Until 1979 Buster Annuals had a softcover. Something else to note is that Buster annuals were slightly bigger then the others. A copy of the 1979 annual I purchased from Ebay is a good inch taller then any other annual (including Buster's from the 80s). From 1988, this became the regular size until the annuals were no longer produced.

In January 1996 a letter was printed by Mrs Collinson who complained that there had been no Buster annuals for a while. This led to a poll printed in the comic - should The Buster Annual return. I can only assume the answer was no, as no further annuals were released before Buster closed down.

You can look at the images from Buster annuals over at Comics UK Just select Buster from the panel on the left hand side.

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