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Issue Number/Date: 28th October to 10th November 1998 100/98
Free Gift: Mystery Free Gift
Inserts: Disney's Doug Draw Your Own Toons Advert
Price: 1.10

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Joker
Pg 2) Tom Thug's Skooldayz
Pg 3) X Ray Specs
Pg 4) X Ray Specs cont. & Moss
Pg 5) Fuss Pot
Pg 6) Pop Goals Competition
Pg 7) Junior Rotter
Pg 8) Junior Rotter cont.
Pg 9) Bobby's Ghoul
Pg 10) Cliff Hanger & The Fireworks Code
Pg 11) B-mail
Pg 12) Odd Ball
Pg 13) The Vampire Brats
Pg 14) Ricky Rainbow
Pg 15) Stupid Street
Pg 16) Stupid Street cont.
Pg 17) Melvyn's Mirror
Pg 18) Sweet-Tooth
Pg 19) The Bumpkin Billionaires
Pg 20) Double Trouble
Pg 21) Phil Fitt
Pg 22) Vid Kid
Pg 23) 3D Floor Puzzle Competition
Pg 24) Chalky
Pg 25) Sweeny Toddler
Pg 26) The Winners
Pg 27) Store Wars
Pg 28) Store Wars cont.
Pg 29) Delbert
Pg 30) Are You A Cool Dude or a Dumbo?
Back Pg) Buster cont.

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