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Issue Number/Date: 3rd August 1991
Free Gift: None
Inserts: None
Price: 45p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Buster cont.
Pg 2) Tom Thug On 'oliday
Pg 3) Joker
Pg 4) Rodney & Dez
Pg 5) Brain Busters!
Pg 6) Adam Adman
Pg 7) X Ray Specs
Pg 8) X Ray Specs cont.
Pg 9) Sweeny Toddler
Pg 10) Dracula Dobbs
Pg 11) Vid Kid & Buster's Pin-Board
Pg 12) Vid Kid cont. & Dear Buster
Pg 13) All Creatures Grunt & Smell
Pg 14) Double Trouble
Pg 15) Masters of the Loony Verse
Pg 16) Masters of the Loony Verse cont.
Pg 17) Memory Banks
Pg 18) Chalky
Pg 19) Store Wars
Pg 20) Store Wars cont.
Pg 21) Ol' Man Peck
Pg 22) Dozy Derek
Pg 23) Sweet Tooth
Pg 24) Melvyn's Mirror
Pg 25) Chalky's Joke Pad
Pg 26) The Winners
Pg 27) Toy Boy
Pg 28) 20th Century Flops & Advert for Buster
Pg 29) Here Kitty Kitty
Pg 30) Nightmare on Erm St.
Back Pg) Advert for Captain Bubble Drink

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