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Issue Number/Date: 3rd August 1985
Free Gift: None
Inserts: None
Price: 22p

Strips At A Glance

Front Page) Buster
Pg 1) Buster cont.
Pg 2) Skid Kidd
Pg 3) Cliff Hanger
Pg 4) The Winners
Pg 5) School Team
Pg 6) School Team cont. & Jackpot Jokes
Pg 7) Chalky
Pg 8) Advert for Hubba Bubba Gum
Pg 9) Mummy's Boy
Pg 10) Young Arfur
Pg 11) Fright School
Pg 12) Fright School cont.
Pg 13) Good Guy
Pg 14) School Belle
Pg 15) B'ware Caretaker
Pg 16) B'Ware Caretaker cont and Top Class Comics
Pg 17) It's A Nice Life
Pg 18) It's A Nice Life cont.
Pg 19) Top of The Class
Pg 20) Top Of The Class cont and Top of the Class Puzzle Challenge
Pg 21) Walt Teaser
Pg 22) Jack Pott
Pg 23) Pete's Pop-Up Book
Pg 24) Advert for Bird's Instant Whip
Pg 25) X Ray Specs
Pg 26) X Ray Specs Cont. and Advert for Next Week's Buster
Pg 27) Clumsy Colin
Pg 28) Do Me A Favour Buster
Pg 29) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke
Pg 30) Ivor Lott & Tony Broke cont.
Back Pg) Advert for Transformers Watch

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